Currently Inked – January

As I received a new pen and bottled inks for Christmas, I decided to update a couple of inked up pens. I tend to match my ink to my pens, either as an exact match or as a complementary colour, so you’ll find my reasons below. I’ll post this again next month, but you’ll only get waffle with the pens that have changed. As this is the fist one, its a big wall o’ text I’m afraid.

  • Lamy Studio Racing Green (LE), F nib, Monteverde California Teal – This is the pen I got for chrimbo off my delightful other half, and as soon as I unwrapped both the pen and the ink I knew they had to go together. California Teal isn’t very teal, definitely much more green then blue but it is a gorgeous ink. The Lamy Studio is a great pen to write with, very smooth and just enough flow to write on both my Leuchtturm 1915 and my Filofax refillable notebook.
  • Lamy Safari Petrol (LE), F nib, Monteverde Moonstone – This was my first Fine nib Lamy, and to be honest I wasn’t too fond of it initially as I tend to have quite cramped handwriting with smaller nibbed pens. I’ve grown to love the Lamy fine nib as it manages the ink well enough to write on cheap paper without overwhelming it and causing feathering or bleeding. Monteverde Moonstone is a nice, muted brown and it pairs nicely with the dark jewel tone of the teal. Very wintry though.
  • Lamy Al-star Pacific Blue (LE), M nib, Sailor Shugure – Sailor Shigure is a very dark blue-purple ink, and is very wet. The M nib on this Lamy Al-star actually struggles to cope with it a little, leaving this pen and ink combo writing quite wet. Still can’t see much of the purple in the ink though.
  • Lamy Al-star Purple, M nib, Diamine Syrah – It puzzles me that this pen is classed as purple, because its such a wine red colour. I’ve been backwards and forwards between Diamine Syrah and Tyrian Purple as a match for this pen – both are wine colours, with Tyrian Purple leaning a little more blue and Syrah being the red one of the two. I think I’m settling on Syrah, as its a gorgeous colour and a much better match for the pen. As always, not a problem with the Diamine ink.
  • Lamy Safari DarkLilac (LE), B nib, Lamy Dark Lilac – I think I might be in the majority when I say I love the Dark Lilac colour as a pen, but not as an ink. Or it might just be the Broad nib on this pen – it dumps so much ink on the page I can only really use it on Rhodia or Clairefontaine paper. Might have to swap out for a fine nib at some point, to see if I actually like the ink or not.
  • Kaweco Sport Mint, M nib, Pelikan Tanzanite – This is a super cute pocket pen, however the mint body colour doesn’t goo too well with the blue grey of tanzanite. I really like Tanzanite though, and shall have to find another home for it if I find a better match for the pale pastel Sport Mint.
  • Kaweco Sport Black, BB nib, Diamine Autumn Oak – This ink is an amazing shader, and thus had to be in my only double broad nib. Unlike the Lamy broad nib however, it doesn’t dump huge amounts of ink on the paper which makes it much more usable (and one of my favoured pens).
  • Platinum Preppy, 02 EF & 03 F nibs, Platinum Black – Everyone loves a Platinum Preppy. The 03 is my scribble pen and is constantly on my desk rather than in my pen case, and the Platinum Black is a good solid black ink. The 02 EF was bought out of curiosity, and is an unbelievably thin nib. Sadly this also comes with being quite scratchy, so it doesn’t get much use. Still inked up and occasionally used in my planning though.
  • Jinhao x750 Shimmering Sands Black, M nib, Diamine Silver Fox – So, I got this pen off ebay because I cannot resist sparkly things. Turned out to be a decent pen, weighty and very sparkly, however the nib on my particular one needs a little tuning as its not happy going side to side. Which is a shame, as I’d love to use it for Diamine Silver Fox. I’m partial to a bit of grey, and Silver Fox shades nicely and looks very respectable.
  • Jinhao 559 Yellow, M nib, Diamine Lilac Satin – I only got this pen because it was cheap as chips, and I was wary putting a shimmering ink in to one of my other pens. Turns out its a decent little pen, straight up copy of the Lamy Safari design, but seems to be working nicely with Lilac Satin. As with all shimmering inks, needs a bit of agitation both before writing and during, but lots of sparkle shows up when the light hits the ink.
  • Noodlers Ahab Lapis Lazuli, Noodlers American Aristocracy – Noodlers is hard to get in the UK. There are only one or two retailers who stock it, and its a very low stock kind of pen. I do love it to bits though, even if the only paper I can use it with is Tomoe River paper because it absolutely¬†pours ink.American Aristocracy here looks black due to the amount of ink that has been splooged on to the page, but I think I got one of the browner batches. For those of you that don’t know, American Aristocracy is made in a few slightly different shades – some with more wine red in it, some with a little more purple, and some inbetween. Its a lovely colour. Totally doesn’t go with the pen though.
  • Manuscript Calligraphy, 1.3 stub, J Herbin Vert Pre – This pen came with a series of different width stub nibs, and the 1.3 seems to suit more more than the usual 1.1mm stub that usually comes on stub nibbed pens. Its just a cheap pen but I’ve had no problems with it, and the ink is a super spring-y grass green because I’m getting a bit sick of winter in the northern hemisphere thank you very much Mr Weather. I do love the range of colours available in the J Herbin ink range, and will probably use more of them in the summer as they’re lovely bright colours.
  • J Herbin Rollerball, Robert Oster Viola – This is an odd combo. I love the fact that J Herbin do a rollerball that uses fountain pen ink. Its also a dinky little thing – smaller than the Kaweco Sport – so its super carryable. Robert Oster Viola is a bit of an odd ink though. A pale, grey ish pink purple which splits to blue at the edges if you make ink splats or use a really wet writing pen. Most odd. Popped in to the rollerball as I’m desperately trying to decide if I like it or not. Jury is still out.#
  • TWSBI eco Turquoise (LE), M nib, Diamine Eau de Nil – This pen. This ink. Oh my stars. The TWSBI Eco is a fantastic pen, weighty and solid and a fantastic writer, and the Eau de Nil ink matches beautifully with it. If you’ve not guessed, this is my favourite pen/ink combo.
  • TWSBI Classic Turquoise (LE), F nib, Diamine Lilac Nights – Not the most colour conscious combo, but I really wanted to use this ink and this pen was the only one not inked at the time. My first fine nib TWSBI and I love it just as much as the medium nib. Once again another solid, weighty pen in TWSBI’s fantastic turquoise, with a super classy look to the pen. This in navy or black would be super fancy looking, which is great considering its fairly cheap as fountain pens go. Diamine ink is a gorgeous dark purple colour, less saturated than Lamy Dark Lilac and a lot more usable for that difference I think. Need to find a better colour match for it though…

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